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Our Story

S.M.D. began in 2016, created by our founder Jeremy in West Palm Beach, Florida. S.M.D. was founded with the promise of creating easy-to-use detailing products, our specially formulated soaps and cleaners are guaranteed to give any vehicle a professional, show ready finish. We stand by the quality of our products, as we have researched, engineered, designed, and tested each product to reflect our standards. Each product is manufactured and shipped from our warehouse in West Palm Beach, Florida. No outsourced manufacturers, no repackaged wholesale cleaners, and no cheap filler ingredients are used anywhere in our supply chain. We offer the best, so we use the best! S.M.D. is the brainchild and the fruition of our founders dedication and diligence to the industry. We are proud to boast our products are used in a number of dealerships in the South Florida area, and our brand continues to gain prominencce

​​• Founded 2016
• West Palm Beach, Florida
• In-House Manufactured

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