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Yello Boy All Purpose
This water-based, concentrated formula contains powerful cleaning agents used by professional detailers that detect and attract dirt particles, lifting them away from the fibers of your interior while leaving you with a fresh scent. Yello Boy All Purpose Cleaner works like magic against stubborn stains and dirt. Our chemists and professional auto detailers designed this product for ease of use, eliminating the need for furious scrubbing. Yello Boy All Purpose Cleaner has sufficient cleaning muscle to penetrate deep into the fibers and eradicate dirt with only gentle agitation. Though strong enough to conquer tough dirt and stains, it will not affect the color of fabric or carpet, and will not break down fibers. It does not contain harsh chemicals or harmful fumes. Your car’s interior will look and smell like new after use. Our cleaner works wonders on carpets, upholstery, walls, floors, high traffic areas, and fabrics in the home, boat or RV; Safe and effective on any surface. Use on door mats, door panels, fabric and velour seats, steering wheel, and headliners. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily your car’s interior or anything else you use it on is restored!

Directions : Spray On Surface To Be Cleaned , Allow To Penetrate For 20-30 Seconds , Use Microfiber Towel / Brush, To Remove Dirt Marks or Particles , Repeat If Needed!

Shipping Details : Please allow 7-10 business days processing time in order to not mislead our customers with shipment arrival dates. In most cases, one might received their order ahead of the scheduled delivery day. We Ship-Out On Thursday's

Returns Policy : There Are No Refund Or Returns! All Sale Are Final At This Time! If you have any questions or concerns, please send them to and our customer service team will respond within 24 hours

Yello Boy All Purpose

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