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Bobbie Brown Non Acid Wheel Cleaner (16oz)

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Product Details

This is a non-acid wheel cleaner that was created to perform like an acid cleaner without the negative effects. It is non-corrosive to skin, metal, the environment and is also non-fuming. There are no harsh effects on wheels and tires. Bobbie Brown will make cleaning a quick job by safely removing grease, road grime, light oxidation, and brake dust from metal, paint and other hard surfaces. Safe on all types of wheels including clear coated, painted, aluminum, polished and anodized. Works well on other surfaces like engines, floors, and whitewalls.

Bobbie Brown is ready to use from the bottle in its concentrate form or can be diluted to your own specific liking. Keep in mind the more B.B is diluted, the less penetration and cleaning power it will retain!!!!

Directions: Spray on object that you would like to clean, wait about 30 seconds and flush with clean water. Some brushing/activating may be necessary for difficult to clean wheels. Best if used in conjunction of a pressure washer at low settings!

Due to COVID-19, There's A Shortage Of Triggers For This Item. Please Be Advised That If You Order This Item It WILL NOT Come With Trigger. Sorry For Any Inconvenience This May Cause You.

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